A bag for every situation

Courtney Charbonneau

Thu September 25, 2014 7:08pm

The Clutch

There’s a bag out there for every situation whether it be for class, work or girls night out. Staple bags are crucial, but making sure you have a little fun when choosing a bag is even more crucial.
If you thought jewelry was your only option when it comes to accessories, think again. Bags are wonderful accessories and can be a strong addition to your outfit.
The clutch: A night out Downtown with the girls or a date night pair very well with the clutch. Stepping it up a notch with your outfit should be toned down with a simpler color. Going more classy and basic with your outfit should have you playing it up with a pop of color. Color blocking is bold, but totally worth it. Do you have funky, bright-colored heels you’ve been dying to wear somewhere? Here’s your perfect opportunity! Slip on a little black dress and use your shoes and clutch to splash with color.
The tote: Useful, easy and transitional is what make the tote a go-to.  Do you rush to work or class most days? Whatever it is that’s making your day stressful, the tote is here to save you. The tote is spacious and you can put just about anything in it. From baby wipes to lipstick to a change of clothes for a post-work workout, the tote has you covered.
The wristlet: It’s small, yet extremely valuable. Necessities like a small sunscreen, Chapstick, money and license are great for the wristlet. The strap is what sets it apart from the clutch. You can take it on a walk to carry your cellphone or iPod or if you have a fancier one with some sparkle, you can take it out to a nice restaurant.
The cross-body:  It’s similar to the tote, but with a longer, more versatile strap. It’s easy to carry because you won’t have to hold on. This is great for the woman on-the-go. It varies in size and can be your “it bag” if you love a lot of pockets. The cross-body works for all ages too. For the younger crowd, it’s great for walking to a friend’s house or going to the mall, but for those set in a career, the cross-body is nothing short of convenient.
The backpack: Some of you may be thinking, how childish. You may be wrong. Backpacks can actually be considered one of the most multipurpose bags there are. It can be used for hiking, school, business meetings or an activity-filled day in good ol’ San Diego. The backpack is no doubt a bag for everybody. One thing to suggest is to go basic with this type of bag. That way, it will match with just about any outfit and can be used from day to night.
Bags are an enjoyable way to be stylish. Jewelry, sunglasses, makeup and shoes are ways to accessorize and have a blast with fashion, but it just got a lot more interesting knowing how many options you truly have.