Best in the West hails from the East

Albert Fulcher

Wed October 30, 2013 2:05pm

Piles of fresh sliced roast beef, turkey, Swiss cheese and bacon overflow the freshly cooked bread, slightly crunchy on the outside but which melts like butter on the inside, with an order of Jersey Mike’s Subs club supreme. And the only way to get the experience of taste, time and tradition is ordering it “Mike’s Way” — with onions, lettuce, tomatoes, spices, red wine vinegar and an olive oil blend.
This is the only way to experience eastern Chula Vista’s newest eatery for the definitive submarine sandwich experience. And ultimate it is. In using only the freshest ingredients, the taste of every ingredient is highlighted in every bite. Gone are the days of sub sandwiches that have the same perpetual taste from the first to last bite.
What began in a prime location in Point Pleasant, N.J., in 1956 is now a national franchise with more than 750 stores nationwide. Branded by its fresh ingredients and its commitment to supporting the local community, Jersey Mike’s Subs recently opened a store in Otay Ranch Town Center.
Owners of the new Chula Vista location include Alan Jehamy, Raul Esses and brothers Marc and Ilan Wornovitzky. This is their first Jersey Mike’s restaurant.
“Raul and I were interested in getting into the restaurant industry and trying our first sub at Jersey Mike’s, we knew this was the right move,” Jehamy stated in a company press release. “Opening up in Chula Vista gives us the great opportunity to get involved with the community and give back starting with our grand opening fundraiser.”
Donations by the company during the grand opening fundraiser in September benefitted the Eastlake Educational Foundation. The store raised $2,599 for the foundation.
“Throughout the year we hope to get even more involved with the community and continue to make a positive impact for the people of Chula Vista,” said Jehamy.
The Eastlake Educational Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation established in 1995 with the mission of raising funds to support the highest quality educational opportunities in the public schools within the community of Eastlake.
Since its inception, the foundation has been successful in bringing together businesses, local residents, school staff and families in support of its mission statement to develop and enhance technology in the classroom.
Through community support, the foundation has been able to provide more than $1.5 million to equally benefit all six Eastlake public schools — Eastlake Elementary School, Olympic View Elementary School, Salt Creek Elementary School, Arroyo Vista Charter School, Eastlake Middle School and Eastlake High School.
Got subs?
Jersey Mike’s desires to become a destination for customers with discriminating taste.
The fresh-ingredients concept has caught on in the San Diego region since the first store opened in 2009 in Mission Valley. There are now 20 stores spread throughout the region.
Cathy Brown, Jersey Mike’s area director for San Diego County, said nothing in the store is pre-bagged and everything is prepared fresh daily with only high quality meats and cheeses that are sliced to order.
“It’s an authentic East Coast sub,” she said.
The menu choices include cold subs, hot subs, wraps and salads (sub in a tub).
Cold subs include Jersey Shore’s favorite (provolone, ham and cappacuolo), American classic (ham and provolone), super sub (provolone, ham, prosciuttini and cappacuolo), roast beef and provolone, turkey breast and provolone, club, club supreme, tuna, Italian (provolone, ham, prosciuttni, cappacuolo, salami and pepperoni) and veggie.
Hot subs include the Philly cheese steak (grilled onions and peppers), chipotle cheese steak (steak or chicken), big kahuna classic (steak or chicken with grilled onions and peppers plus mushrooms, jalapeños and extra cheese), meatball and cheese, chicken parmesan and grilled pastrami Reuben (Swiss cheese, sauerkraut and thousand island dressing).
Wraps include chicken Caesar, Buffalo chicken, Baja chicken, grilled veggie and turkey wrap.
For the sub in a tub salad option, customers can choose any sub, select toppings and then grab and knife and fork and enjoy.
Jersey Mike’s Subs also features a kid-sized sub, drink and a cookie. Sub selections include ham and cheese, turkey and cheese and salami and cheese.
Business hours are 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily. For more information about Jersey Mike’s Subs or to order online visit