Calm balancing act

Robert Moreno

Thu December 29, 2016 4:44pm

Eddie Bustamante has a demanding career as a real estate broker. Balancing the needs of his clients with his own personal ones can be a source of stress for the Eastlake High School alum. But he has managed to find a way to relax, even if it means starting a business.
To unwind from a long, grueling day at the office, Bustamante uses to yoga to clear his mind, body and soul.
Last year he became a certified yoga instructor and then opened Kula Yoga on Third Avenue. Kula means community in Sanskrit, and he said community is what he is trying to build.
“Our thing is to bring awareness to the community to everybody who’s never done yoga or has done yoga,” he said. “What I wanted to do is bring that awareness to everybody and make people feel what I feel through yoga,” he said.
In the 500-square-foot studio, Bustamante offers free classes for beginner, intermediate and advanced students during morning or evening sessions.
“It’s more of a personalized practice,” he said. “We teach from the ground up.”
Students in his 75-minute classes learn proper breathing and body postures, with personalized attention from him or two other instructors.
His classes cost $10 per session or members can pay a monthly fee that varies.
Being a first-time business owner has presented some challenges for Bustamante, but he said he tackles operating a business just like he approaches yoga.
“The more you’re patient, the more the results will come,” he said. “You’ve just got to stay true to yourself.”
His sister was the first one to take up yoga, followed by his father. Bustamante said he started practicing yoga about six years ago when his father invited him to a session.
“I didn’t know anything about yoga [at the time],” he said. “I went to my first yoga class, kind of went with the flow and I just liked how I felt [afterward], liked the results of feeling calm, stress free and really good, almost like I was floating.”