CATS & CANINES - Choosing the right pet for your home

Michael Minjares

Fri July 25, 2014 10:28am

Cari Christiansen loves dogs. The local resident has been a dog owner for the last 25 years. It started when she took in a stray she found on the streets of National City and continued as she accepted a friend’s dog upon its owner’s passing. The most canine companions she’s owned at one time has been five, all of them with their unique personalities and behaviors. To put it simply, Christiansen says owning a dog has made her life better. “Everything I do when they are with me is more fun,” she said. “They make you laugh, comfort you when you are sad, provide great company and are always happy to see you when you come home.”
Great, loving homes, like the one Christiansen offers, are exactly what the staff at the Chula Vista Animal Care Facility looks for when working with potential owners who approach the local shelter about pet adoptions. With an 83 percent save rate for animals who come into the shelter, Linda Septon and her crew want to find homes for all of their animals. But it must be a good fit for owner and pet alike.
“The people at the shelters want to find these animals the best homes possible,” said Septon, CVACF’s adoption counselor and rescue coordinator. “If someone is deciding between adopting a cat or dog or between several types of dogs, my advice is to listen to the staff at the animal shelter. We know these animals very well. A pet is a lifelong commitment. This pet will be with you for the long haul.”
The first item the shelter staff discusses with a potential new owner is can the pet be added to the family at this time. Specifically, Septon says it’s important that potential pet owners know for certain that they can have pets in their home. The staff also wants to be sure the new home will offer a stable environment for the animal. From there, the process is fairly simple – completing an application, paying the required adoptions fees, visiting and selecting your new pet and being approved for adoption.
Chula Vistans interested in adopting a pet should visit the shelter’s website at and attend the upcoming Furry Friends & Family Fiesta on Aug. 10 at the shelter, located at 130 Beyer Way in Chula Vista. Pet contests, raffles and pet adoptions are included in this family- and pet-friendly event.