Changing Lives

Robert Moreno

Thu December 29, 2016 4:46pm

Russell Takashima is taking his second stab at running a business with more experience and insight.
His first endeavor, Pixl PPL, grew faster than he thought it would.
“That was going pretty well but it started growing so fast that it was kind of scary to me, so then I completely backed out,” he said. “Someone contacted me from Hong Kong and they wanted to do a big order and I just got really scared. I wasn’t ready for it.”
This time around, he says, he is more focused and in control of his new clothing design and retail business.
Human Catalyst, the name of his clothing line, symbolizes change.
“It’s about a human being who could either cause change in others or also be the person who could be changed, life affected by a human catalyst,” he said. “It’s about the ability to help others.”
Initially he started selling Human Catalyst online and at events but he quickly developed a following, which led to the opening of the Human Catalyst storefront in downtown Chula Vista.
He said he wants to live up to the Human Catalyst name by being a change for the community. He said one way he is doing this is by keeping his store open for anyone to come in who just wants to talk or seek life advice.
“I’ve come across a lot of kids out here who don’t seem to have any direction necessarily, or maybe they are out a little too late. They could easily be stray,” he said. “I would love to be here for them; they could ask me questions and maybe one day if things go well I can employ them.”