Color, Color and More Color!

Courtney Charbonneau

Thu February 26, 2015 6:24pm

The recent heat wave is a huge reminder that spring is right around the corner. Southern Californians can’t really complain about the winters here, but our closets do notice a big change.
Color, color and more color! Winter seems to create a duller look to your wardrobe, filled more with shades rather than color. Now it’s time to let spring be your brightest and boldest season.
You can never go wrong when choosing floral for spring. Pink floral tops are perfect with those go-to jeans of yours. Pair it with nude flats and you have an adorable spring outfit that you can go from day to night with.
Pastel colors are a must! Just because they’re lighter doesn’t mean they’re not brighter. Choose a light pink, powder blue or lavender. You can always spice it up by accessorizing. Remember staple necklaces? They’re the puzzle piece to these colors.
Skirts are extremely versatile. For spring I recommend A-line or lightweight cotton skirts. Any color is great, but stick to solids on bottom and you’ll have more freedom to play on top.
You may have gone bolder with your shoes this winter to make up for the boring shades, but for spring you should think about simple shoes. Because you’re going brighter with your outfit, simple shoes like neutral wedges leave you with the most room to add as much color and print as you want. You don’t have to put your close-toe heels away just yet, but wedges are definitely in power.
Polish off your look with some lipstick and blush. Rose colors on your cheek bones are wonderful for spring. Also you can add just about any color lipstick, but if you do choose to go bright, I recommend staying away from eye shadow and eyeliner.
As for your hair, loose curls will finish off the spring-y look just right. Now if your hair doesn’t do well with curls, you can always try a simple twist in back or a braid. A smaller braid pinned on the side of your head can really add to the outfit. Also a thicker braid with all of your hair on the side will help show off those floral tops and bright accessories perfectly.
Your clothes, accessories and shoes should love you this spring. After a long, dark winter, it’s time to break out the color and start the season off right.