Color - Find your go-to

Courtney Charbonneau

Fri January 15, 2016 10:39am

Finding your go-to color can be fun and exciting. Nowadays there are so many different shades of one color it’s endless! Knowing how to wear it and wear it with confidence is all about balance.
The amazing thing about a pop of color is that you can wear it anywhere in your outfit as long as the balance is present. Let’s say you choose purple as your go-to color.
You can wear a purple blouse and dark denim with a sparkly bangle and pumps to create a show-stopping look. If you prefer less of a pop, you can always turn to accessories to do the work.
In my opinion, there’s no color that’s better than the other as long as you don’t overdo it. Think subtle but strong.

If you incorporate texture into your look, pastels and dark colors like a plum work best. Lace has the ability to mix sexy and delicate together.
For January, try a solid-colored top with a few sequins. What better way to chime in the new year than with some shimmer?
Adding a pop of color to each outfit will create a stylish, yet disciplined look. Whether it be a solid-colored stripe on the side of a crop pant or an entire garment, the simple addition will have you struting into 2016.
Don’t forget about makeup. If you decide to tone it down with your outfit, there’s always a good lipstick you can apply. Color is for everyone.