Combined passions

Zaneta Encarnacion

Thu July 7, 2016 11:42am

There is a bona fide change maker living and working in east Chula Vista and her name is Myrian Solis Coronel. Coronel has one of the coolest jobs in one of the coolest companies in town — manager of multicultural marketing for REI. This work is focused in the southwest region, but Coronel also manages REI’s national partnerships with organizations working to convene multicultural communities in outdoor education. Coronel has found that sweet spot of overlap between her passion and her profession.
“I love working at REI because they share my love and appreciation for nature, the outdoors, people and giving back. The co-op is more than just a retailer, we offer classes and presentations to inspire and teach people about new outdoor activities. We also give back through environmental stewardship service projects. Above all, the co-op deeply cares about its staff and members.”
In 2014, REI was an early adopter of gender rights with their release of workplace gender transition guidelines, allowing transitioning employees to live freely within their gender identity. They recently took a public stance opposing efforts to discriminate against the LGBT community through legislation and joined the Human Rights Coalition’s business coalition to partner with other corporate advocates.
In 2015, REI announced they were closing all stores on Black Friday and launched a campaign encouraging everyone to ­#OptOutside instead of shop. Both are examples of the value REI places on the personal and professional lives of its employees and communities.
Coronel welcomed her first son, Luca, in 2014 with her husband Giovani and moved into a new home. She is now expecting her first daughter in August. Yet she still finds time to make her community and world a better place for all.
Coronel co-founded the Latina Giving Circle of San Diego where Latinas use their networks to learn about nonprofits serving the community and donate from their collective philanthropic dollars to support the life-changing work of the organizations they select.
Coronel was also reappointed to her second term on the California State Park and Recreation Commission, serving as vice president where she is working to ensure our state parks are preserved, protected and accessible.
Coronel is a change maker indeed and we congratulate her on the newest family addition. There is no doubt Coronel will be raising future change-makers to carry on her passion for giving back.
“By volunteering at organizations that I deeply care about, not only do I give my time, talent and money, but I gain so much more. I meet amazing people, learn something new and it gives me the opportunity to broaden my understanding on a variety of issues. A simple word that helps me decide whether to do something or not is ‘love’. Our days are short and the best way to enjoy life is by loving who you are, who you’re with, what you do and where you are.”
Zaneta Encarnacion is engagement director of communications and external affairs at South Bay Community Services.