Fabulous Flats

Courtney Charbonneau

Fri March 27, 2015 11:43am

Heels are amazing. They elongate your legs; give you pep in your step and pretty much work in every situation except going to the gym. I’ll never say “ditch the heels” because that would be fashion suicide, but flats give you a wonderful alternative without erasing the same effects you get from heels.
Round-toe flats: These are adorable and referred to as the “cutesy flats” because they pair so well with casual outfits. You can wear them to work or out on a date, but I recommend wearing round-toe flats for places like the mall, the grocery store or a day at the park.
Peep-toe flats: These are not my favorite, but they can work well if paired with the right type of outfit. Peep-toe flats are best for a dress or a skirt that you’d wear to a night out to a nice dinner or if you just want to show off your freshly-painted nails.
Pointed-toe flats: These are my favorite type of flats. I work early in the morning and putting on a pair of heels can seem quite dreadful. That’s where flats come in and steal the show. Pointed-toe flats give you close to the same effects as heels do. They’re great for the office. You can wear them with dresses, skirts, jeans and dress pants. I call these flats the miracle flats because they’re the most versatile.
Solid-colored flats: Pink, blue, yellow, orange, purple; have a blast with solid colors on your feet. You can wear a black outfit, slip on a bright-colored flat and be ready for the day with a sweet splash of color.
Patterned flats: These are great for straight-leg and skinny denim. If you wear solid colors in your outfit, pattern flats can really spice it up. There’s so much freedom with patterned flats when you wear solid colors because it won’t matter what pattern it is! Also, one thing to keep in mind is if there’s even the faintest little pink stripe in the patterned flats, you can wear a solid pink top and it will bring out that stripe. Same goes for any small amount of color in the flats.
There are countless options when it comes to these types of shoes. There’s a pair for any outfit, in any place. My rule with flats is to pick out an outfit first and then pick out what flats to wear.