Fall into Fashion: Top Trends to Shop for Today

Allison Andrews

Fri July 29, 2016 10:52am

From chokers and pantsuits to velvet (yes, velvet) and fringe, the ’90s will be making a comeback this fall. As we say goodbye to the hot days of summer and embrace fall 2016, we’ll be surrounded by seemingly familiar colors and styles, but with new twists and turns.
And while it’s still a bit too early to tell which trends our city will take to, there’s a good number of prevalent styles that came out of fashion weeks around the globe, with many familiar yet modernized looks. Luckily many of these styles mirror the warmer temperatures — probably due to warmer weather around the country this year — which is great for those living in Southern California.
Whether shopping for back to school, days at the office or just everyday wear, below is my take on what’s trending this fall so you can shop smart and be in style:
• Drape yourself in velvet. OK, maybe that reference is slightly outdated, but make no mistake — velvet is making a strong comeback this fall. Not only will we see velvet in designer gowns, but plenty of menswear will include the material as we head into the cooler days. And it’s coming back with a vengeance, with burnout prints in the material for a modern look
• Neck’cessories. Chokers and neck scarves have been bubbling up for quite some time, with festival-goers and students posting these accessories on social media over the past year. Regardless of your preferred neck accessory, make sure you’ve got something around the neck to complete any look. If you’re a Gen Xer and held on to your high school accessories, this might be an easy trend to jump right back into — find that velvet choker and be the trendsetter!
• Shades of blue. Some of the more popular colors hitting the stores (and social media) will be in blue family. With that said, we’ll also be seeing a mix of reds and oranges, such as potter’s clay or dusty cedar. Make room in your closet for shades of blue, orange, red and pink this fall.
• Say yes to the suit. Even if a suit isn’t part of your daily attire, election year is a great time to bring out your power suit, be it for a day in the boardroom or a night out with friends. This fall expect to see slim and chic pants, knits and skirts in varying shades and colors, especially tan.
Designer: Bryan VaughnBerry
Photo/656 Photography
• Mix and match. Many designers are having fun with their apparel and constructing garments with various textures, ties, loops and more. We’ll be seeing a good amount of tethered, tied, linked and fringed looks this fall. Don’t be afraid to layer or connect pieces of clothing for an integrated look, with lots of textures and interesting pieces.
Regardless of which of these five trends speaks to your inner fashionista, fall into fashion and start shopping to get ahead of the game. And, as always, stay stylish, San Diego!
Andrews is founder and director of Fashion Week San Diego, www.allisonandrews.com.