Festive Family

Zaneta Encarnacion

Fri March 27, 2015 11:50am

Robin Williams, one of the funniest men to live, once said, “Spring is nature’s way of saying ‘Let’s party!’” Love, renewal, abundance — all of these are seasonal themes. To know the Googins family is to live year-long in the spirit of the spring season. From family to community, you will find deep roots and involvement over the years from this family.
Maria Elena has lived in Chula Vista for most of her life and 1992 was when Glen began to call Chula Vista home. Together they have lived in Rancho del Rey, Otay Ranch, Rolling Hills Ranch and Eastlake. Today they call Eastlake Villas home.
“We love our neighborhood. Lots of trails and paseos, with great parks and recreation centers all within walking distance. In fact, our daughter Camille will marry at St. Rose of Lima and celebrate her wedding reception at The Clubhouse at the Woods in November 2015.”
Most of the family’s community involvement comes through their memberships in the Chula Vista Rotary Club, Las Primeras, and founding membership in the Chula Vista Charitable Foundation. It’s been important to Glen and Maria Elena to have their children involved in community service throughout their lives. They have instilled a deep sense of community service and pride in each of their children as a result.
“Our kids have been involved with South Bay Aquatics swimming and the city’s Youth Action Council (president/Kate); varsity tennis, youth leadership at St. Rose of Lima Church and Jr. Hostess for Las Primeras (Camille); varsity lacrosse and ASB (Kevin); and the youngest, Sonia, is involved in volleyball, dance, Jr. Hostess for Las Primeras and Glen’s latest Rotary project companion.”
Even within their professional lives, the Googins find a way to serve their community. The nature of Glen’s job as city attorney gives him the opportunity to be a part of the planning of many exciting projects, including the bayfront development and future university. Maria Elena is a gifted graphic artist and regularly donates her design work to local non-profits. Spring — the season of abundance, joy and renewal. Chula Vista is entering spring literally and symbolically. Glen and Maria Elena are prepared to usher in this season with the same smiles, humor and laughter that they are known for amongst friends and family.
“We love CV because of its beauty, ideal location, ideal climate, incredible diversity, and because our family and friends are here. It’s also exciting to live in a place with such a bright future with the development of the bayfront, the university and Millenia, which will be extraordinary additions to what is already a great place to live. We are hoping that when our kids go off and see the world, they will eventually want to come back to CV.”
Zaneta Encarnacion is engagement director of communications and external affairs at South Bay Community Services.