Girl Power!

Alma Loe

Fri October 25, 2013 12:44pm

What sets apart a girl from being average and being powerful? Honor, perseverance, commitment, respect and integrity; core standards that separate the average person from a leader. The girls at Pride Martial Arts in Chula Vista are proving to be just that, leaders in their communities.
Pride Martial Arts recently represented the Eastlake community by qualifying and competing in the 2013 World Tae Kwon Do Championship in Little Rock, Ark. Pride Martial Arts had seven students qualify to compete for a world title.  Four of the qualifying students were girls ranging in ages from 10 to 15 years old.
Andrea Vega, 15-year-old second degree black belt, is an honor student at Eastlake High School. She won a world championship gold title in traditional weapons and won a silver medal in traditional forms.
Issabella Feria, 14-year-old second degree black belt, is also a student at Eastlake High School. She won two world championship gold titles in traditional forms and weapons.
Rayna Vallandingham, 10-year-old third degree black belt, won a world champtionship gold title in extreme forms. This is her 11th world championship title. Rayna is the youngest world chamption gold medalist to win 10 world titles by the age of 8.
Jessica Grippo, 14-year-oldsecond degree black belt, also a student at Eastlake High School, won a silver medal in traditional weapons.
Lizbeth Ahn, owner of Pride Martial Arts, a fourth degree black belt and eight time world champion, explains, “We believe in producing leaders, children who are confident in themselves and can make hard choices and decisions with integrity and honor, students who understand the true meaning of sportsmanship, working hard to achieve goals and doing their best with a positive attitude.”
These young girls are not just packing power in the studio and on mats all over the nation, they serve as role models in their homes, schools and communities. You can find these girls being mentors to the younger students (Tiny Tigers) of Pride Martial Arts and serving their communities by embracing volunteer opportunities.  
It is the value and emphasis that Ahn and Sean Berry have placed on their students that has helped them ranked top 10 ATA schools in the nation. The future of Pride Martial Arts is exciting, with their new 9,000-square-foot academy opening in The District in Eastlake, located off Showroom Place, the new studio will offer four training areas,  an after-school pick-up program and a spring training floor. Pride Martial Arts is sure to become one of the most dynamic ATA training sites in the nation.
At Pride Martial Arts you are part of the family, a one for all and all for one concept that establishes a close partnership with each student that ensures success.