Good person, good heart

Zaneta Salde Encarnacion

Sun September 29, 2013 3:03pm

There are times when you meet someone and instantly know that you have just met “good people.” This was the case when I first met Nikki Klugh at a Chula Vista Rotary Club meeting. We met for lunch soon afterward, and I learned more about her work, family and heart for the community.
Klugh has lived in Eastlake for five years with her husband Dr. Arnett Klugh III, a pediatric neurosurgeon at Naval Medical Center San Diego, and her four sons, Arnett, Christopher, Nicholas and Hunter, and a dog, Chloe.  Her oldest son Arnett is a freshman at SDSU.  Christopher and Nicholas, play football at Eastlake High School and Hunter is at Eastlake Middle.
“I believe that we are all here on earth to help one another. Whether it’s emotional by being a good friend, physical through service or even financial support by donating to charities.  We improve one another’s lives and touch each others hearts; we form a strong community by caring and sharing.”
Klugh sits on the Board of Directors for Wounded Warrior Homes alongside her husband, has participated with house-building projects in Mexico with her boys, and volunteers regularly at her local church.
Most recently, Klugh decided to “give-back” using her talent as an interior designer and owner of a Design Group. Her firm believes that everyone should have a space where they can find solace and feel grounded--a place to rest and rejuvenate as well as be inspired.  Klugh chose a single mom, whom she had seen give generously of her time to others, and will be transforming her bedroom into a personal sanctuary for free.  Klugh and her design team are finishing up the service project and look forward to revealing results soon!
Many living in East Chula Vista are transplants from other areas; Klugh is from Silicon Valley.  Klugh and her family fell in love with the EastLake community upon arrival and are here to stay!
“I love the unique mix of cultures and the fact that everyone here has been so welcoming and warm.  Our children made friends quickly and we have a support system that is truly like our family.  We feel rooted and grounded here.”
Contributor Zaneta Salde Encarnacion lives in Otay Ranch and is Director of the Chula Vista Charitable Foundation.