Guys guide to buying lingerie

Carl Robinette

Thu February 6, 2014 1:05pm

The first Valentine notes started getting passed between lovers in 18-century England when romance was courtly and chivalrous.  Since then men have been turning out their pockets every February for flowers, chocolates and of course frilly nighties.
Some say chivalry is dead but American’s spend about $18 billion every year on Valentine’s Day gifts, according to the National Retail Federation, and over $1 billion of that spending goes to lingerie. That’s chivalry for you.
Luckily, guys don’t have to spend a billion on lingerie to set the mood this Valentine’s Day, according to Lori Tremaine, owner of Seduxion Lingerie in Chula Vista. 
“If you are on a budget you can just pick up some nice sexy panties and massage oils and lotions,” Tremaine said.  And if you are on a very skimpy budget, think very skimpy undies.  “For fifteen or sixteen bucks, you can get a cute, sexy pair of panties and a set of pasties.”
So as men set out this year in the timeless arts of seduction and consumerism, they needn’t fear the lingerie shop.  But for those men who know nothing about lingerie shopping, which is pretty much all men, here are some words of wisdom to help you pick the right lacey thing for your Valentine in 2014.
There is nothing to be ashamed of, so walk into the lingerie shop of your choice with your head held high. If you are totally lost don’t be afraid to ask for help.  Don’t stand in the middle of the store scratching your head in befuddlement.
Think about what she will be comfortable wearing, not necessarily what you want to see her wearing.  Think about what she wears on the beach.  How much does she cover up?  “She’s gotta feel comfortable in it in order to want to wear it,” Tremaine said.  “It’s for the man too, but if she doesn’t feel comfortable in it, then he’s never going to see her in it.”
Pick something she likes.  You can take notice of the type of under garments she normally wears and go from there, but don’t get too caught up on style.  The point is to get something that she thinks makes her look good. So, keep in mind the colors that you see her wear most often.  Remember, just because you like the red stringy thing doesn’t mean she does.
Avoid purchasing lingerie online.  Sure it is a lot easier and can spare you the shame of going into a ladies lingerie shop, but this is a gift that requires a personal touch.  Without that little dose of awkward humility the gift won’t mean as much.
It may be obvious but you want to make sure your gift fits your gal, so be sure and get the right size.  Accuracy is most important with bra size, according to Tremaine. “Most of the materials are loose fitting or stretchy, but the bust is the biggest thing because it’s either the right size or it isn’t,” She said.  “Peak at her bra and see what size it is. That is really the best thing.”