Halloween - Stylish Costumes on a Budget

Allison Andrews

Wed October 5, 2016 3:41pm

Halloween is fast approaching and, if you haven’t already done so, it’s time to start putting together a few wicked costume ideas. This is the holiday to be extra bold. And regardless of which character, ghoul, superhero or trend you plan to embrace this year, there are plenty of ways to get the most out of your buck — or perhaps not spend money at all. Below are a few ideas to get you in the Halloween spirit without breaking the bank.
For Her
The Cat’s Meow. While the black cat costume isn’t new (or perhaps original), it’s always a crowd pleaser. Grab your old black leggings, pair them with either a black tank top or black leotard and the majority of the
costume is complete. Don’t have the tank top? Most black shirts can work. All you need to complete the outfit are a pair ears and a tail, which you can find at a local Halloween store or can simply be made at home with fabric and a headband
Double, Double Toil & Trouble. For an outfit on the spookier side, consider a witch costume. All you need is a little black dress and a broom from your closet and presto — you’re a witch! If you want to take your costume to the next level, head to your local Halloween or dollar store and grab a pointy hat. You can even draw on a scary mole with eyeliner to complete the look.
The All-nighter. What could be better (and more comfortable) than pajamas? The sleepover party-goer look is as easy as it sounds. Dress in your pajamas and put curlers in your hair, making it seem like you are getting ready for a night filled with popcorn and movies. To make the look
even more convincing, you can use a pillowcase to collect candy and bring along a toothbrush and loofa for added effect.
For Him
Saddle Up. For a costume on the wilder side, try a cowboy, complete with a flannel shirt, boots and a hat. Make the costume even more believable by using a rope from home as a custom lasso. This costume can also double as a lumber jack — all you need to add is a fake toy axe.
The Law-maker. Break a few style laws with a police officer costume. All you’ll need to nab everyone’s attention is a blue button up, navy dress slacks, a black belt and black shoes. Head to a local Halloween store for a police toy set and you’re ready to go. If you’re looking to spend even less, make a custom badge at home.
Get in the Game. Always wanted to be a professional athlete? Halloween is the one holiday you can. This costume is simple — grab your favorite player’s jersey, some athletic pants, sport shoes and a hat. Complete the look by using your spouse’s make-up or some paint to draw black lines under your eyes.
From traditional costumes, such as black cats and witches, to more modern outfits, like unicorns and mermaids, this Halloween is sure to bring some spook to local residents. If you’re like me and don’t have much time to focus on your own costume, one of the above is sure to do the trick (or
Andrews is founder and director of Fashion Week San Diego.