Hauntingly Good Halloween Recipes

Carl Robinette

Mon September 28, 2015 10:45am

Halloween creeps up this month and if you need creative treats for your monster mash, you’ll want to sink your fangs into these diabolically delicious homemade candy ideas from around the Internet, starting with a wicked new twist on an age-old favorite.

Blood-Splattered Fudge
Sharpen your sweet tooth for this gory, horror scene fudge. The blood red candy syrup splattered across velvety white fudge is horrifyingly reminiscent of blood stains soaking into a white blouse in a Hollywood slasher film. Fudge is a classic choice for homemade candy and this recipe from About.com will be a great conversation piece at your party. Add nuts for a more bone crunching texture. For complete measurements and instructions search candy.about.com for blood-splattered fudge.

Ghost Peeps
The crystally crunch on the outside. The sticky chew on the inside. This takes your classic ducky or bunny Peep and turns it into a white ghost for Halloween. It is also a great recipe to please your vegan or vegetarian guests as it contains no animal bi-products. This recipe from ForkandBeans.com couldn’t get much easier with just three ingredients and no mold required. Search for Fork and Beans vegan Peeps to get in-depth instructions.

Ghost and Spider web Carmel Lollipops
Mind your fillings if you bite into one of these sticky caramel chews. With a simple ghost and spider web design they add a bit of spooky fun to the classic caramel flavor that is a part of the holiday season. This is a great project to enlist the kids to help decorate and express their creepy creative side. The recipe from Taste of Home is fairly simple with a handful of ingredients and only takes about 15 minutes to prepare 18 pops. Search for Taste of Home caramel lollipops recipe for complete directions and requirements.

“Poison” Candy Apple
The sweetness of the gooey candy coating and bite of the tart green apple are flavors synonymous with falling leaves and jack-o-lanterns. Now give it a new deadly look by adding black food coloring to the candy syrup mixture rather than the traditional red. The black tarlike goo that comes out will give your candy apples a venomous aura. And the recipe from CountryLiving.com couldn’t be easier. Just apples, corn syrup, sugar and food coloring. For complete measurements and instructions search online for Country Living poison candy apple.