the HEINZ man

Robert Moreno

Thu July 7, 2016 11:43am

Lou Bareno spent 28 years of his working life with Heinz. Over the course of three decades he collected mementos of his time there. So many that it was enough to earn him a display at the recent county fair in Del Mar.
“This is just a collection of what I collected over my 28 years with Heinz,” he said. “Heinz has a rich history and is a household name so I wanted to share this memorabilia with the public.”
The display was in the Home and Hobby exhibit during the San Diego County Fair that ran through July 4.
But having a prized collection of memorabilia wasn’t enough to get invited to show off at the fair. Bareno had to make a pitch, sending in a one-page description of the display and how it got started.
The collection included Heinz aprons, mugs, old ketchup and mustard bottles, a Heinz clock and Heinz Christmas gifts.
“Having a display at the fair is nostalgic,” Bareno said. “Heinz is one of the original named brands in the food business and probably one of the oldest, established in 1869. Bareno said after the fair is over he plans to give all the items away to his family members for safekeeping and memories.
“These items are good memories,” he said. “And it’s time I share these old memories with my family.”