Home is where the heart is

Zaneta Encarnacion

Thu February 6, 2014 12:43pm

My husband grew up in South County, and it is not uncommon for us to run into people in Otay Ranch that attended the same elementary, junior or senior high school.  In fact, when we bought our home the neighbor across the street went to the same junior high as my husband!
The Sarne family is no different.
Pat and Marla Sarne are new to Otay Ranch, but Marla is not new to South County.  She grew up in South County and attended South County schools. After high school she moved to Los Angeles, but returned when Los Angeles “stopped feeling like home.”
 Marla now works as an administrative sales coordinator at Cadence, a luxury travel agency.  Her husband Pat is a wealth management consultant for Commonwealth Financial Network.  They have an adorable 17-month old daughter Madison and a sweet-tempered dog Bella.
Madison was the catalyst for the Sarne family’s move to Otay Ranch.  They chose the neighborhood specifically because they wanted to raise Madison in “a great family community.”  As an example, Marla’s best-friend-since-childhood’s sister is a teacher at the elementary school that Madison will eventually attend.
“We love that we are located behind a trail! Our family loves the outdoors and being active, so that is a plus for Madison and our dog Bella! Most importantly, we love that it feels like home.”
The Sarne family will celebrate their first Valentine’s Day in Otay Ranch with a nice dinner and a movie.  It wouldn’t surprise me if Marla, like my husband, begins to regularly run into childhood friends who also call Otay Ranch home!
Zaneta Encarnacion is director of the Chula Vista Charitable Foundation.