How to do Summer 2015

Carl Robinette

Fri April 24, 2015 11:29am

Every summer Americans swarm to movie theaters to see the next blockbuster based on a comic book. Spoiler alert, the guy in tights wins. But this season when you have seen every movie and beat the heat at every beach in the county, there is still a lot of summer to enjoy in 2015.
So here are a few suggestions on how to spend your time and your cash around the county this summer.
For you brave souls who manage to pry your kids’ eyes away from the computer screen, remember the Living Coast Discovery Center. It is a great local attraction where you can learn about local wildlife and it features events and activities for kids of all ages, including a Bio Days Career Experience for teens the last weekend in May. Check for pricing and military discounts.
Jump Around Now is a trampoline park on Brandywine Avenue where trampolines literally line walls. Let your kids jump themselves to exhaustion while you sit and have a coffee. There are activities for kids of all ages including a kids corner for smaller children, rocking climbing walls, foam pits and bungee jumping. Check for pricing and specials.
Lazer Journey on Showroom Place gives kids and adults an opportunity to play a futuristic version of tag by providing a facility to play laser tag. When not playing laser-related games there is also an arcade to keep visitors busy. Their website is
This year Aquatica San Diego at 2052 Entertainment Circle opens May 23. The 2-year-old water park features more than a half dozen water slides designed to keep the family cool and wet during the summer. For more information their website is Of course there are also ways to have fun this summer without paying an entry fee.
Odds are that tourists know more about San Diego County art and history when they leave than most locals. Be a tourist in your hometown. Pick a few landmarks and look up some interesting factoids about each spot that will help you appreciate it more once you are there. Plan your lunch location ahead of time or pack a picnic.
Here is a good example of a tour: Take a drive up to Chicano Park and appreciate the many colorful murals. Then up to the 25th Street Crab Carillon musical bridge where chimes play a tune when you drag a stick along them. Then head to the Spruce Street suspension bridge and take a bouncy walk on this hidden historical gem that spans a lush canyon. Finish with a picnic at Balboa Park and be home in time for naps.
It is also important to take some time for yourself this summer. Take up a hobby or build a model airplane. Take a water coloring lesson or brew a batch of beer. Creating something with your hands will encourage you to take time to reflect on your life and nothing will stamp summer 2015 into your memory as well as a meaningful keepsake that you created yourself.
There are also a number of free events to attend this summer.
Find your inner foodie at the Eastlake food truck gatherings on Wednesday evenings or the Third Avenue Farmers Market on Thursday. Bring your pucker power to the Third Avenue Lemon Festival Aug. 3 and get ready to dance at Chula Vista HarborFest Aug. 22 at Bayside Park.
Outside of South Bay there a number of other free events to attend. Coronado’s summer concert series, Sunday in Spreckels Park is a great family event. The International Cottages programs at Balboa Park let you experience a different culture each Sunday. And don’t miss other local favorites like the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon, La Mesa Car Show and Ocean Beach Chili Cook-off.