Lee Price is new Eastlake High football coach

Michael Minjares

Thu August 28, 2014 10:00am

Coach Price

Coach Lee Price understands the high expectations the community has for the Eastlake High School football team. He helped create them. Having coached with the program since 2000, Price has seen firsthand the success the Titans have enjoyed under the guidance of former coach John McFadden. Price knows the community, school administrators and staff, his fellow coaches and especially the students want nothing more than another CIF championship banner. The new head coach, who was named to the position less than two weeks before practice started, wouldn’t have it any other way.
“John built a very successful program by doing things the right way and the expectations for our team are high” said Price, who will continue to coordinate the team’s defense while also teaching AP and honors physics. “We will always want to set as our goal winning a CIF championship. But just as important is creating an atmosphere in which the kids can feel successful here. We want to be a good strong football program that helps to build pride in the community.”
The former Hilltop High lineman is well equipped to handle his new responsibilities. Not only has he been with the Eastlake High football program for 14 years, he also has the ongoing support of his family. Middle daughter Monaca, a senior on the varsity cheerleading squad, will be at every game, following in the footsteps of her older sister Aubrey. His son Mitchell, a youth football player for the EastLake Panthers, will watch games with a football player’s experienced perspective.
But the biggest source of support for Coach Price will come from his wife Brook. His fellow Hilltop High alum has long been an Eastlake High football team fan, and now her involvement has only grown. She’s involved with the team’s booster club and has assisted with many of the fine details that go into a successful season on and off the field. She’s even been known to bring her husband a sandwich as he transitions from an Eastlake High football practice to volunteering at their son’s youth football practice the same evening, something Coach Price has done for three years now.
“Lee has loved coaching in this program and at this school,” Brook said. “Over the years, I’ve really come to understand the important role extracurricular activities have in kids’ lives. I’m excited he has the chance to head the program and I’ll do whatever I can to support him.” 
As Coach Price steps into the top spot, he is not looking to change much. Many of the program’s coaches have remained and will keep the offensive and defensive schemes similar to what has been used previously. Coach Price says he wants his players to be disciplined, tough and to play hard.
“This is a great program and a great school,” Price said. “I’m excited to find out what we can accomplish this season. With the talent we have and a little luck, we will have success.”