The Mother Sisterhood

Zaneta Encarnacion

Fri April 24, 2015 11:18am

When most people think of the month of May, the rising thought is Mother’s Day. Being a mom is one of the toughest yet most rewarding jobs in the world. I’m biased, being a mom, but I believe even the dads would agree on this one. The “community of moms” in our community is vast. Mommy meet-ups can be found almost every day of the week at any given park. There is even an online community of more than 700 moms on the Chula Vista East Moms Facebook page.
Highlighting a mom was an obvious choice for my article this month, and the first mom that came to mind was Michelle Dilay. Dilay is a mom in every sense of the word. She is mom to three young boys (one set of twins), room mom at their school, part of multiple moms groups, vice president of the school PTO, and a one-hour “mommy” to hundreds of 3-year-olds each Sunday for her job at Eastlake Church in the children’s ministry. And if that isn’t enough, her super-mom power is even more evident when you consider she is also a military wife with all the sacrifices, challenges and rewards that accompany that role.
I asked Dilay what was the best part of being a mom to three young boys, and along with an answer that is best relayed in her own words, she also managed to throw in some motherly advice for other moms.
“What do I love most about having three boys? I love everything about being a “boy mom” from playing in the dirt to sword fighting in the living room. I truly believe I was built to be a mom of boys! I’m the type of mom who loves getting her hands dirty... I love taking the boys out on hikes to explore and just be wild at heart. And call me old fashioned but I love knowing that I am guiding three boys into three gentlemen by teaching them to open doors and write handwritten notes. Being a mom of three boys has been my greatest adventure as a person and I am so proud to be their mom.
“Having three young boys (at one point we were titled ‘the 3 under 3 family’), Richard and I learned quickly to just go along with the ride. Trying to stick to an agenda or timeline never quite worked out with three littles. But as they got older and more independent, it became easier to manage and plan things. Trips and venturing out became more enjoyable for the entire family.
“The best advice I could ever give someone with three littles would be: “It doesn’t get easier, it just gets different and with every trial you become stronger! Go with the flow… Give yourself some grace to make mistakes and give your worries to God.”
On Mother’s Day, all of Dilay’s boys will pamper mom with a delicious breakfast and her favorite gift of all… handwritten notes from her sons.
Dilay is one of many, many moms in this community who inspire me daily. So from this mom to all you moms …. Happy Mother’s Day! May the pampering and outpouring of love and appreciation received on this special day follow you throughout the year.
Zaneta Encarnacion is engagement director of communications and external affairs at South Bay Community Services.