New Year, New Style Fashion Hacks for Enhancing your Wardrobe

Allison Andrews

Thu December 29, 2016 4:30pm

Cheers to the new year! Now that 2017 is here, it may be time to make fashion forward decisions that are going to prepare you for success in the year ahead. Changing up your style or updating your wardrobe may seem daunting, but a new beginning may be just what you need to rid yourself of old and tired clothes and replace them with new finds.
This year, make the process charitable and productive by donating the items you no longer want to a local non-profit and organizing your closet by color and season. To help you get started, I’ve pulled together some new year/new wardrobe hacks below:
• Purge the closet. Before hitting the mall, be sure to go through your closet. Be honest with yourself and get rid of any clothes you didn’t wear last year (or in the past six months). Trust me, this year is no different than last — if you didn’t wear it then, you won’t wear it now. Turn up the music, grab a glass of wine (or your favorite non-alcoholic beverage) and get to work! Tip: Feel good about getting rid of clothes by donating them to those who need them most. There is no greater feeling than giving!
• Set healthy goals. Use this opportunity not only for donating and organizing, but also for setting goals. Get rid of clothes that may no longer fit you or make you feel your best. This will keep you responsible and motivated to maintain your weight. Or, if you’re trying to get in better shape this year, this simple hack can motivate you to fit back into those smaller clothes that you just refuse to get rid of. Tip: Don’t measure your weight by stepping on the scale; instead, measure based on how your clothes fit and how you feel.
• Make a fresh start. Let’s face it, this year is going to be different than previous years, so why not try something new? Have fun and pick a style outside your comfort zone. Maybe you’ve been eyeing a certain trend but just don’t think you can pull it off. Well think again! It’s a new year, new you and new wardrobe so go for it. It could be as simple as trying ankle boots or picking up that statement necklace you’ve been on the fence about. Tip: Be confident — the more fearless you are with your fashion decisions, the more likely you are to turn heads!
If you’re like me and never know where to start when buying and getting rid of clothes, the hacks above are sure to get you off your feet. Cheers to a great (and fashionable) 2017!