New Year, New You

Rebecca Kelley

Wed January 8, 2014 2:05pm

Should have. Could have. Would have. We all have uttered those words, or heard someone else say them.
“Why wait for the New Year to change yourself,” says Anthony Endaya. Anthony was born and raised in the South Bay. He grew up in Paradise Hills, received his bachelor’s degree from UC San Diego and spent 13 years in the biotech field working with quality control and assurance.
That was, until a day in the fall of 2013. California ranks 46th in the nation with an unemployment rate of 8.7%, according to U.S. Dept. of Labor statistics. Almost one out of every 10 Californians is looking for work.
Eastlake Woods resident Anthony decided that now was the time to make a change. He always wanted to go to back to school, so he did.
Having a passion for science, technology, business curriculum and beer, he applied to be part of UC San Diego’s extension brewing program, which covers all scientific facets of brewing as well as the financial and managerial operations of a brewery.
Anthony always wanted to spend time with his family, so he’s doing it.
“With the commute to North County every day, it was taking a toll on my family. My son Ethan is 3, and I missed milestone moments in his life because I was always working or traveling to work. Since going back to school, I’m able to spend quality time with Ethan. One of our favorite things to do is to cook together. I’m one of four children. With my father’s passing, one of the ways I can educate my son on our family traditions is through cooking. My wife, Christine, works as a pharmacist at UC San Diego Health Sciences, so it’s nice that we can put the food on the table for her.”
Anthony wants to see what else is out there, and he never wants to say what if. For 2014, Anthony didn’t make a resolution, but he made a promise: “I will volunteer more to help my community. I will be a more supportive husband. And I will be a present father.”
Anthony and his wife are expecting a baby in the summer. For more information on UC San Diego and their classes, visit their website at
Rebecca Kelley is South County regional director marketing, media and community relations at South Bay YMCA.