No time for complainers

Zaneta Encarnacion

Thu August 25, 2016 6:24pm

Rabeka Harrison is a firecracker! With her spiral curls, bright smile and determined eyes this woman gets things done. Business owner, wife to Cameron, mom to Alexander, Sebastian and Gwendolyn and mom/caretaker to a dog, cat, rabbit, turtle and 16 chickens it is amazing that she would have time for anything else. But Harrison is a passionate believer in people and constantly makes time to give back to her community.
“If you aren’t involved in the community you can’t complain that things are happening that you don’t like. That has been my motto for over two decades. At an early age I learned that vital lesson. I got involved in whatever community I lived in or wanted to be a part of. This has given me a better understanding and love for those members of our communities,” said Harrison.
The Harrison family has lived in Chula Vista for three and a half years. As a native San Diegan, Harrison has lived all over the region and Chula Vista is, by far, one of her favorite places to live.
“The weather, of course, is great. But more than that, I have found my place in a community that has been so welcoming and supportive! Chula Vista has a pride and sense of community that I haven’t found in too many other places. People like to be involved in the area and that is very important to me. Being around others who want to make a difference and are doing it is very inspiring to me,” said Harrison. 
Harrison currently serves as president of The Eastlake Business Association. The networking group raises money for senior scholarships and hosts quarterly cleanup projects to keep the community beautiful. She also volunteers time for events each week and it is not unusual to find her family joining her.
Harrison is founder and CEO of Together As {3Point}, a marketing and fundraising company for families that have been affected by tragedies, nonprofits and schools. The company organizes family events that raise money for causes by engaging businesses and communities. Events include family fun run/walks, kickboxing classes and bowling competitions.
Her company works with almost a dozen nonprofits (so far) and is looking to have more join their movement to bring communities together. The list of nonprofits includes Hamilton’s Heart Foundation, Urban Street Angels, Urban Angels, Girls With Goals, The Collective Access, Wounded Warrior Homes, Eric Paredes Save-A-Life Foundation, South Bay Community Services and The Eastlake Business Association. 
“My love, adoration and respect have grown for fellow human beings as I humbly serve them with no expectation of getting anything back. When all of us pitch in, just a little, things improve and we grow closer together. I’ve always loved the saying ‘many hands make light work!’” said Harrison.
Zaneta Salde Encarnacion, Executive Director of the Southwestern College Foundation.