Q and A with Hollie Keene

Living East

Wed January 8, 2014 3:48pm

Tell us a little about yourself.

I am a 19-year-old student studying human biology and society. I have one sister, Taylor, 18, who went to the show with me and has also been a contestant on the show. I like volunteering with kids and volunteer at Wolf Canyon Elementary during my breaks from school. I volunteered at Sharp Chula Vista hospital all throughout high school and graduated from Mater Dei in Otay Ranch. I like watching movies and TV shows. I enjoy going to concerts and hope one day to work in the entertainment industry. I love shopping and playing with my kitty and taking my aunt’s dog Dino walking/running around Eastlake.

So how did you end up being a contestant on “The Price is Right”?

I’ve been watching “The Price is Right” since I was really young. I used to watch it with my grandma when Bob Barker was the host, so I have always loved the show. I always wanted to be a contestant on the show with Bob Barker, but he retired before I turned 18. One day I was scrolling through Twitter and saw that they were doing a 90th birthday celebration for him and that he would return to the show for the day. I immediately got tickets and was convinced I would be a contestant on the show. I set out the night before making a T-shirt and planning my outfit and then went to the show with only about 3 hours of sleep but completely full of excitement! I ended up putting little balloons in my hair that said happy birthday, which definitely made me stand out from the crowd! I think I’m one of the only people to have balloons in their hair at the show, but it looked great! I showed my genuine excitement to be there for Bob’s birthday during my interview with the producer and then during the show I was asked to “come on down!” In the back of my mind I kept telling myself, “I don’t know if I will get picked, but I have balloons in my hair! They have to pick me!”

Tell us what it’s like being in the audience for a game show.

Being in the audience of a game show is a somewhat long process, but it’s definitely worth it. You have to fill out release forms and paperwork and then go through a long line where everyone gets their nametag and turns in their paperwork. There is so much excitement from people in line that it goes by pretty fast. You see so many different large groups and meet a lot of people because you are standing in line with them and get to talk. Before you actually get inside you also get interviewed by one of the producers, which is basically how they decide who is going to be a contestant on the show. You get to hear other people’s stories and why they want to play, and they really work up the excitement for the show. Once you are inside the studio, your first thought is always wow it looks so different when you watch it on TV. It’s fun to see all that goes into the show and you get to experience the enthusiasm and surprise felt by the audience and contestants on a higher level. The whole time you are actively participating, shouting numbers, giving advice, it’s definitely one of those shows that is an all around good time to be in the audience, even if you’re not a contestant.

What did you win and what did you do with the prizes? Do you get to take them home with you the same day? How does that work?

I played the game One Wrong Price where I was shown three prizes, a 64-inch Samsung plasma HDTV, a GE French-door refrigerator and an urban commuter bike. Shockingly enough, I had been looking at refrigerator prices for my aunt not long before so I knew the price of that, and I had seen a similar bike and knew its price as well. All three had prices and I had to choose which one was wrong. I chose the TV and I was right so I won all three prizes. Next, I spun the wheel and made it into the showcase! At the showcase, the other lady I was with went over and I won. I won a trip to Los Angeles, a helicopter tour of the Hollywood sign and Hollywood hills, a chauffeured ride around LA, an amethyst necklace, an iMac and printer, and a 2014 Ford Focus! When you win, you expect to get your prizes right away, but you actually don’t start to get them until around the time your show airs. You walk out of the study with your paperwork and in my case a license plate holder that said “I won this car on The Price is Right” and wait for your other prizes to be shipped to you. I haven’t completely decided what I am going to do with all the prizes, it’s overwhelming to think about all I won, but I’m sure I will find the best way to use them!

What advice do you have for someone who wants to be selected as a participant on a game show?

In order to be a contestant on the show you have to be full of energy! Just go in there with the biggest smile on your face and the most excitement and you will be picked! It also is good to have a group of friends with you, and cute shirts with something about the show are always a plus. Just go in there with the mentality that you are super excited and that you are going to win and chances are, you will get picked.

Can you share with us a memorable moment from that day, please?

The most memorable moment was getting to meet Bob Barker and having him point out that the balloons in my hair and the happy birthday on my shirt were for him. Another memorable moment was bidding on contestant row. The first time we bid, all of us went over so we had to bid again. The second time we went over again! And we all bid again and finally on the third time, our bids were finally in the right range and I actually was the closest and got to go on stage. Another thing that was incredibly cool was the lady I was standing by in line for a while and talking too also got called up and won as well! That was crazy that we both had been by each other for so long in line, and talked and then ended up sitting with each other as winners.