Redefining Activewear:

Allison Andrews

Thu August 25, 2016 6:23pm

More than three billion people across the globe tuned in for the 2016 Rio Olympics last month, with many watching events real-time and others catching up online days later. In usual fashion, records were broken, with many athletes achieving their personal bests and securing medals for their teams and countries.
From Michael Phelps to Simone Biles, the U.S. teams dominated the Olympics this year. And, while the competitive spirit and record-breaking wins glued people to their TV/computer/mobile screens, this year’s Olympic style was a definite contender for “watercooler talk.” Below are a few of my personal favorite style takeaways from the 2016 Rio Olympics.
• Going for Gold. World-famous supermodel Gisele Bündchen made quite a stir as she took the biggest (and last!) catwalk of her career at the opening ceremony. Designed by Brazilian designer Alexandre Herchovitch, Bündchen sported a thigh-split gold sequined gown. According to the designer, the gorgeous V-neck dress took four months to create and came with a long train, was pierced at the front with pleats at the waist.
• Sporting National Pride. While Gisele (and her dress) was a hard act to follow, the 206 countries continued to bring the fashion in the Parade of Nations at the opening ceremony. Each of the outfits worn by participating countries were intended to represent national character. The United States team, for instance, was outfitted in Ralph Lauren apparel, which consisted of blue blazers, striped shirts, white denim jeans and patriotic boat shoes. The white denim pants were actually skinny jeans, making every athlete looked flawless. H&M outfitted the Swedish team, providing jazzy yellow kit to ensure the athletes stood out from the crowd.
 • Athleisure Life. The Olympics came at the perfect time for fashion with the recent rise in athleisure wear — a trend that encompasses fashionable athletic wear, such as yoga pants, tights and leggings, worn outside the gym. This year’s Olympians appear to agree with the “look good, feel good, play good” philosophy and are finding ways to spruce up their looks.
And while they may be confined to the uniforms provided to them, several female athletes are finding ways to make their looks pop with makeup, jewelry, hair and more. And who knows, perhaps adding that extra touch may help boost their confidence during their competition.
From United States’ superstars Michael Phelps and Simone Biles to Brazilian fashion icon Giselle Bündchen, the 2016 Rio Olympics were a must-watch month-long event for spectators across the globe. And, with the added focus on style at the Olympics, I’m already looking forward to what the 2018 Winter Olympics will bring.