Courtney Charbonneau

Thu October 30, 2014 9:16pm

A closet is filled with endless options. Repeating outfits before getting entirely sick of the clothes in that closet is about to seem much more bearable. With one simple accessory you could double the number of outfits in a closet.
A scarf isn’t only for the cold. It’s actually appreciated across the globe. It’s an effortless statement piece making outfits stand out in a positive way with ease.
It’s one type of accessory with a lot of different ways to wear it and help express oneself.
To infinity and beyond! The infinity scarf is chunky and usually made out of wool or cotton. It’s a complete circle and can be wrapped once or twice depending on size. With fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving spirit, the infinity scarf is a must-have. Julian’s apple pies, apple picking, pumpkin carving and trick-or-treating; need I say more? Head on out and enjoy the season’s activities in style.
The square scarf is considered very fashionable in the couture world. It’s worn around the neck or around your shoulders like a shawl for a fancier occasion.
Rectangle scarves are common. They are usually worn by wrapping them once around the neck with both sides hanging in front. For a more unique look, fringe at the ends add texture and movement.
A scarf can add flavor to personality and style to just about any outfit any time.
Instead of wearing a necklace, how about wearing a long dangling scarf? A thin, metallic or colorful one that simply hangs around the neck gives a hint of rocker-chic with a side of flair. It’s great for a fun night at a concert or even as a tool to play up a daytime look.
Accept your inner bohemian by wrapping a pretty scarf around your head in a cap-like style. A lightweight satin scarf with flowers can be quite adorable for a quick do on a bad hair day. Add some curls to the ends of your hair and it’s a perfect weekend brunch accessory.
As the sun goes down and the days get shorter, the heatwave dies down a bit. This doesn’t mean go out and get a matching parka and snow pants because we all know how far off that sounds. Bundled scarves are a nice way  to ease into a cooler season. T-shirts and basic solid tank tops can pair well with the bundled scarf or even help modernize the relaxed band-T look.
How to wear a scarf and what to wear with it are the hard parts. Once you’ve grasped that, choosing the type of scarf is a breeze. Scarves are one of the most useful, trendy and versatile accessories there are. Make a simple outfit in to a one-of-a-kind avant gard presence.