Slip Dresses are your new best friend

BJ Coleman

Thu April 28, 2016 9:00pm

Adding versatile pieces to your closet is one of the best, most valuable things you could do when it comes to personal style. No matter what that personal style consists of, there’s a few pieces that can be added to anybody’s wardrobe.
This month we will talk about one of my favorite staple pieces that can be worn many different ways with many different things — the slip dress. No matter the occasion or setting, a slip dress is a winner for sure. 
One way to pull off the slip dress is by adding a whole lot of accessories. Here’s where you can really play with color. If the slip dress is neutral, try adding a bold necklace or a pair of colorful ballet flats. This is a perfect casual lunch date outfit idea.
Another way to wear a slip dress is making it what some call “rocker-chic.” A simple slip dress underneath a great leather jacket will make you look confident but still feminine. This is great for a night out with the girls or going to a show. Pair it with your best booties or go all-out with some studded heels! Who wouldn’t want to go out looking like Sandy from “Grease”?
You can even wear a nice slip dress to work. If the length is right, a good blazer goes a long way. You can never go wrong with black either. Pair this look with your favorite earrings and pull your hair back into a neat bun and you’re ready for corporate!
From work to play, this staple piece can be paired with just about anything. Not to mention it’s great if you’re trying to stay on a budget because it can be worn so many different ways. One of the best things about slip dresses is that it’s difficult to go overboard. Accessories are nearly endless in this case. 
Keep in mind that if the slip dress has a pattern, you’re going to want to go with the “less is more” theme.
Don’t get stuck in one idea — with any piece of clothing. Keeping an open mind allows you to be creative. Try it on with other pieces in your closet and see where it fits best. Most likely you’ll find at least a few options. I like to think of slip dresses as a blank canvas ready to be painted.