The Special Act of Giving

Zaneta Encarnacion

Thu October 30, 2014 9:15pm

Maria Inez Curiel

Fresa and Bonita are names of specialty margaritas at the new La Tequila Cocina restaurant in Chula Vista. But they can also be words to describe Maria Ines Curiel.
She has a beauty that radiates and a smile that is as fresh as the morning dew. The essence of this beauty and freshness is her family.  Curiel and her husband moved from Mexico and made Chula Vista their home in 1987. It has remained home for her children and grandchildren.
Curiel and her husband named their first restaurant after their daughter Karina, and the name now encompasses an entire restaurant group with six current locations. Eastlake and Otay Ranch are home to Savoie in Otay Ranch Town Center and Enamorada in Village Walk.
“With love and sacrifice my family has known hard work. Honesty has earned us our customers’ trust in our gastronomy throughout these 33 years of business. And courage has allowed us to explore different avenues.” 
Four of the six restaurant locations are in Chula Vista. Curiel and family have chosen to focus their business efforts in their hometown because it is an ideal place to maintain restaurants that serve authentic Mexican seafood. And what better place to try out new ideas, such as the French-Italian menu at Savioe, than in your very own community?
Sitting with the three generations that make up the Curiel family, one can feel the love and strong family bond that has served as the anchor for their professional and personal successes. Curiel states that love, honesty and courage are the values she built her family on. Living, raising a family, and building a successful business in Chula Vista has been a blessing and one that Curiel believes in sharing. 
You can find the family and restaurants participating in many philanthropic efforts from hosting golf tournaments to fun fundraisers for local causes. 
“If God has given us the ability to help one another in any small way we should do our part to actively participate in the well-being of our community and to those in need.” 
Maria Inez Curiel is now living in Eastlake.
Zaneta Encarnacion is director of the Chula Vista Charitable Foundation.