Spring into Fashion: Top Trends to Look for Today

Allison Andrews

Thu April 6, 2017 10:04am

From bright patterns and bold embroidery to mixing and matching, the fashion world has a ton in store for us this spring. As we say goodbye to the cooler days of winter and embrace spring 2017, we’ll be surrounded by bold colors and styles.
There are a number of prevalent styles that came out of fashion weeks around the globe, with many familiar looks taking on a modern twist. Whether shopping for cute spring outfits, warmer days at the office or just everyday wear, below is my take on what’s trending this spring:
Flower power — Floral is making a timely comeback this spring. Not only will we see floral in everyday wear but also in designer gowns. And it’s coming back with vengeance, with big all-over prints — think ’70s!
Be BOLD — The more popular colors hitting the stores (and social media) this spring will be bold. Make room in your closet for bright colors that will light up the room. The brighter the better!
Embrace embroidery — Patches, patches, patches. If you’re a GenXer and held on to your oversized jean jacket from high school, just add some quirky patches and this trend could be an easy one to jump right back into.
Mix and match — Many designers are having fun with their apparel and combining garments with various textures, prints, vibrant colors, etc. Embrace it all — eclectic is A-OK!
Seeing stripes — No more seeing dots. This spring, stripes of every shape, size, color and direction are in. From big seaside stripes pulled straight from beach umbrellas and awnings to small banker stripes inspired by Wall Street, you’re bound to find the stripe for you.
Regardless of which of these five trends speaks to your inner fashionista, spring into fashion and start shopping to get ahead of the game. And, as always, stay stylish!