Staples for 2015

Courtney Charbonneau

Fri December 26, 2014 11:04am

Have you ever walked into a store and saw about 20 things you wanted, or saw nothing and felt like the day of shopping was a waste of time? Finding the perfect staple pieces for your wardrobe will help in long run. The best part is staples can be worn all year round.

Make sure the ones you choose say “opaque.” These last the longest and well, the obvious. We’re talking about staple pieces, so black is the smartest choice.

It’s comfortable for a cozy winter night. It’s great for taking walks in the spring when it’s still a bit chilly outside. It’s adorable for a summer night by the water and even better for fall especially with your favorite boots. This staple is much more free-range when it comes to prints and colors, but my suggestion would be to stick to solids with your staple pieces. Cable knits that go a little below the buttocks are not only my favorite, but you’ll get the most use of this particular piece and that’s what you want with your staples.

A dark pair of straight or skinny jeans is a time-saver and you can wear them with just about anything. If you’re going to splurge on any one of these staple, allow this to be the one. You can sometimes keep jeans for five or more years depending, so it’s OK to spend those extra few dollars.

I think every person needs two belts; a black one and a colored one of your choice to let your personality shine. My favorite is thin belts because it adds a splash of color and it doesn’t feel too bulky.

A T-shirt gets the reputation of comfort and easy, but it you find the right ones, they can be nothing less of stylish. Like the belt, I think everybody needs two quality solid T-shirts; a V-neck and a crew-neck. Tip: If you find a bib necklace or a staple necklace you love, it can really dress up your plain T-shirt.
Let’s put some options together to show you how it works.
The cable knit sweater and leggings are great for a day of lounging.
The solid crew-neck T-shirt (with your staple necklace,) dark skinny jeans, and black belt is a cute and easy outfit.
The cable knit sweater can also be worn with your skinny jeans.
The solid V-neck T-shirt goes well with a scarf. Pair it with your favorite pant.
The cable knit sweater works well with combat boots or camel-colored high-boots.
Allow this column to guide you when picking out your outfits. Staples are time-savers, money-savers and can work for anybody of all ages and sizes. When you find your perfect staples, they’ll be your go-to. Don’t forget, you don’t have to wear them all together. They’re there to guide you. Whether you’re in a rush, or just need to get started, staples do the job.