Tricks & Tips for summer

Courtney Charbonneau

Fri June 26, 2015 10:52am

It’s a problem we all face: how to make our legs look longer, how to make our waist appear smaller or how to hide those unwanted areas. Allow July’s column to show you some useful tips and tricks to do just that.
For you ladies on the shorter side, there’s no reason to feel any less beautiful than our taller lady friends. There are a bunch of style hacks to help make you feel and look your best.
High-waist skirts are a gold mine for shorter women. This is a great way to elongate your legs, whether it is a high-waist pencil skirt or a high-waist A-line skirt. Try wearing it to hit just below the bust. It’ll give the illusion of longer legs. Now, if you’re looking for extra length, add a pair of pumps that have a pointed toe. Voila!
Some women feel less feminine the taller they are and there are a few hacks for them as well.
Four words: less leg, more fabric. One trick is to try a shorter heel or a pointed-toe flat. The shorter heel and pointed-toe flat give the illusion of a heel with all the benefits a heel offers with less height or no height at all. Tip: The pointed-toe flat is a staple piece because it can be dressy or casual.
For you curvy women out there, if you’re looking to hide your mid-section, find a dark solid-colored skirt or pant and pair it with a colorful top. Stay away from ruffles and patterns to take the attention elsewhere. Another hack for a more casual look is loose-fitting tops and straight-leg denims that fit above your hips comfortably. These tops are great because you can tuck them in or wear them on the outside. Hint: Tight on top and tight on bottom is a no-no. One or the other is your best bet.
Now for the ladies who crave more curves. V-neck tops are a must. This will allow for a feminine yet appropriate outfit. Adding a necklace works best with these tops, preferably a long necklace. A skirt with an extra layer or thin ruffle on the backside will really help add the illusion of curves. Add an adorable pair of wedges and you have the perfect summer outfit feeling a bit more voluptuous.
One more hack is a belt. Belts can add unnecessary bulk, but if you are looking to for a little curve, try wearing a belt below the bust. It will not only give you a boost upstairs, but it will also give you a bit of an hour-glass shape.
I hope this column helps you feel bright, bold and beautiful by applying these hacks to feel your best. No matter what size or shape you may be, learning to use style and clothing as a tool rather than just something you wear will be an overall blessing to your body.