Valentine’s Day Glam

Courtney Charbonneau

Fri January 30, 2015 11:38am

Whether it’s the first Valentine’s Day you have ever celebrated or if it’s your 10th Valentine’s Day with you husband, finding the right outfit for your special night should be fun.
If you’re single, finding an outfit for the perfect first impression is important. You don’t want to be too bold or over-the-top sexy. You want to find something a little more subtle with just a hint of sexy. A deep red knee-length dress with black pumps or wedges is a safe choice. Now if you want to show off your personality you can do so by adding accessories like statement necklaces. Another way to stand out as “you” is with your makeup and hair. If the date is more casual go simple with your makeup and hair.
If you are taken by that special someone already, then most likely he or she has a taste of your personality prior to the date. In this case, you do not want to come off as trying too hard. Stay away from over-doing it with the accessories and makeup. Try a smoky eye color with a little bit of lipstick. This look works well with a casual or a fancy evening. Black denim with a red sweater and pumps is one option. Another option could be a black skirt (any length) with a funkier red or pink top to add some holiday fun.
A sexy outfit doesn’t have to show skin. Sexy is confidence. Wear the outfit; don’t let the outfit wear you, because then your date might think your attention is elsewhere.
My best advice would be to keep it as simple as possible with your outfit and play it up with the accessories like belts, purses and necklaces. This way you can be comfortable and look wonderful without trying too hard.
If you do get the chance to spend a romantic evening at a wine and dine, then you can switch out your casual top for a shiny or sparkly blouse. You can also trying wearing an A-line black skirt with a long-sleeve top.
If you choose the more casual options, add a little Valentine’s Day sparkle with your jewelry. If you choose a fancier outfit, use your makeup and accessories wisely.