Courtney Charbonneau

Fri March 25, 2016 1:17pm

When you think of weddings, many would agree that a white Cinderella gown cones to mind. Have you ever considered what goes into choosing the best outfit to wear if you’re a guest at the wedding?
First and foremost, the theme matters. Is it an indoor or outdoor wedding? Is it at the beach or at a vineyard? Let’s talk beach seeing as we’re in San Diego.
For beach weddings, simple and flowy is your best bet. It’s flattering and bright colors look amazing near the ocean.
Wedges are great with this scene. I would suggest choosing a nude or white color.
Keep in mind, the higher the heel, the harder it will be to walk in the sand. Nobody wants to be that guy or gal!
As for your hair, I’m sure you’re aware of how windy it can get toward the water.
Updos are the safest choice. By adding a sparkley staple necklace, you’ll make an elegant yet effortless look.
Some extra advice: Bring a sweater or cardigan and a pair of flip flops for the reception.