Workout in Style

Courtney Charbonneau

Fri December 5, 2014 12:01pm

Chilly mornings and evenings have arrived and winter is soon approaching. You’ve probably noticed the iced coffees are being put on the backburner. Those eighties-inspired chunky sweaters are coming to the front of your closet and boots are making their way out! It’s exciting to change seasons. We get the best of both worlds here in Southern California.
The lower temperatures are nice for some things, but not so much for workout motivation. Don’t let the change of season and daylight savings catch up to you. Instead, beat it with style!
Because of daylight saving, it gets darker much earlier, so my advice would be to try and get in some exercise before work. If you get up before five in the morning like I do, that doesn’t sound too appealing, but it’s proven that exercising and sweating increases what are called, “happy endorphins.” Reach deep down and find that extra push to kick-start your day.
Here’s some advice on what to wear during exercises and workouts to help brighten up during this time of year.
What to wear on your feet:
Bright-colored sneakers are a great way to boost your mornings. We’re lucky living here because we can wear light-weight sneakers and not have to worry about the snow. Light-weight sneakers are useful for morning walks and light jogging to get your heart rate up. The bold colors are an added way to sweat in style.
What to wear on your bottom:
One good thing about active-wear is that you can never be too bright or too bold with color. If you want to wear neon pink sneakers and bright blue yoga pants, go for it. Throw on a purple T-shirt while you’re at it. If you’re a more subtle person, you can never go wrong with basic black. You have some freedom here too. You can wear black sweats, a charcoal gray top and add the burst of color with your shoes.
What to wear on top:
Loose, solid T-shirts are always a smart fashion go-to. They’re comfy and you can wear them different ways. One way is to add color once again with a bright-colored sports bra or tank top underneath. Another way is to play with the off-the-shoulder look. If it’s too cold to wear just a T-shirt, long sleeves are OK as well. Another great option is a nice zip-up which is very functional. A zip-up is a preference over the hoodie pull-over because they’re easier to take off if you start to warm up. Stores even sell them with pit-zips now! I know, how funny.
The holidays are popping up right around the corner which means holiday parties follow and so do the winter calories with the hot cocoa and yummy treats. Don’t let the chillier weather and darker days leave you in a motivation funk. Use your style to boost your energy levels and stay active while do it.