Young Ambition

Brooke Binkowski

Thu February 26, 2015 6:27pm

Jen Amos never lets her youth get in the way of her goals. “I’m still very young, I’m 27 years old, but I have two businesses,” she said.
Amos graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in journalism, but quickly noticed that although she loved it, her interests were elsewhere. That’s when a friend told her about LegalShield, a direct sales company that offers packaged legal plans.  
As she began working with LegalShield, she learned more about the legal ins and outs of starting her own business. Now, she says, her youth works for her.
“People approach me because I’m young, like, how’d you do it? How are you doing all this? And I say, this service gave me the expertise I needed to start my own business.” 
She says legal work has helped her launch her second career — ­entrepreneur. Her early history has also helped her adapt to the tides of self-employment. Amos, a military baby, was born in Japan and moved around with her family. After her father died in 1998, the family moved to Chula Vista. 
Amos went into business for herself after she was let go from her job as an academic coach, recreating her persona and learning about marketing and finance.
“I just thought to myself, how cool would it be if there was business out there like a social media marketing firm where you pay them to run your campaign for you?” Amos said.
“So I stayed up all night, and at the end of the night, as the sun went up, I thought — what am I calling my business? I have two pet turtles and whenever I have to think I look at them.”
And thus the Chula Vista business, SocialTurtles Marketing, was born in 2013.
“I kind of call myself a glorified freelancer, because I have all these clients and I manage their social media accounts.” 
Amos said her future, thanks to LegalShield and SocialTurtles Marketing, looks bright, and she sees herself staying in sales. 
“In my 30s I hope to do real estate in Chula Vista. I want to be a CrossFit trainer.”
She sees her companies as an investment in not just herself, but everyone around her.
“When you work a job, your paycheck goes to your bills and it goes to your expenses and your lifestyle. 
“But when you build a business, not only does it take care of you, but the extra money that you make can take care of the community and other people.”