Zoning in on a Lazer

Carl Robinette

Thu February 6, 2014 1:00pm

A little of the new, a little of the old,a little of the tried, and a little of the bold

That’s what Lazer Journey at 871 Showroom Place, Suite 106 in Chula Vista has been for co-owner Michael Taylor, who characterized his establishment as “Paint Ball on steroids.”
The two-month-old business is also a hybrid combining “electronic” Paint Ball with the latest in an arcade experience. Lazer Journey serves food onsite as well including the standards — pizza, hot dogs, sodas, etc. — that kids love.
A new high-tech twist on Paint Ball, laser tag is an individual sport/recreational activity where players attempt to score points by “tagging” targets with hand-held infrared-emitting targeting devices.

Though most players are pre-teen and teenage youths, Taylor noted simulated combat appeals to most everyone at some level.
“I had a 66-year-old guy in here the other day with his grandson,” said Taylor. “Another patron wanted his 3-year-old son to play. It’s a wide spectrum.”
Birthday parties are a big part of Lazer Journey’s business, as some satisfied patrons will attest.
Susanna Sevilla said a birthday party at Lazer Journey for her 13-year-old daughter won’t soon be forgotten.
“It was so much fun, her friends had a blast,” Sevilla said. “It has been by far the best birthday party that she has ever had. The staff was amazing. The staff all had tutu’s on. Her daughter Claudia said she felt like she was on top of the world that day. She was the first person from High Tech Middle to have a party at Lazer Journeys. She is already planning next year’s event.”
“We love Lazer Journey,” agreed Jennifer Wright, a lifelong Eastlake resident. “I love supporting local businesses and seeing them thrive. It’s so easy to do when it’s such a fun place for my entire family.”
For more information call (619) 934-4200 or visit www.lazerjourney.com.